The Pre-owned Luxury Watch Market

Luxury watches are among those rare items which can have an extended life cycle beyond being purchased new and then disposed of. These are products with values of at least €1,000 at the time they are being resold–and many can have values much higher. In fact, the high nature of new luxury watch purchase prices makes them a desirable pre-owned item, as buyers regularly look for the best deals. In many ways, the pre-owned watch market is similar to that of the automobile market. Desirable watches in good condition can have several lives after their first owner.

The purchase of new watches is vital to the maintenance of a healthy pre-owned watch market. Luxury Watches Spain actually deal in both new and pre-owned watches. We are quick to comment that people can tire or get bored of watches in their collection. Many of our customers own several timepieces, and when it comes time to purchasing something new, they often look to see what they haven’t worn in a while as a trade-in piece to help them with a new purchase. For us at Luxury Watches Spain, developing close relationships with our customers helps us benefit from the natural life cycle of a luxury watch that often includes both new purchases and re-purchases.

Buying Versus Selling Luxury Watches

At Luxury Watches Spain we like to use the term “recommerce” to describe the act of purchasing watches from consumers versus selling them. While Luxury Watches Spain do offer timepieces for sale, the entire presentation of our website, as well as our focus of advertising, is aimed at encouraging people to sell or consign their watches. “Sell, Consign, Trade” is a typical trinity of offerings at businesses like Luxury Watches Spain where the focus is watch acquisition versus sales. The name of the game for Luxury Watches Spain is getting high quality inventory.

The market for pre-owned watches is so healthy that we are one of the only online retailers in the Costa Blanca that will purchase your luxury watch for the market price.

The Rolex Luxury Watch

At Luxury Watches Spain we have found that Rolex watches hold their value so well, there are main focus is this particular brand of luxury watch. So unlike many of our competitors, Luxury Watches Spain openly publishes on tthat we are not only interested in the sale price of used Rolex watches, but also also the buying price.

In preparing this article, five separate watch retail businesses were interviewed in regard to their activities related to buying pre-owned watches from consumers. Each of these businesses also engages in selling watches. None of them professed any concern whatsoever in regard to to finding customers, making sales, or moving product. WatchUWant’s OJ Whatley explained that, with experience, one knows what watches sell, what price to sell them at, and how to find customers. Bob’s Watches indicate that they often have a waiting list for certain pre-owned Rolex models customers are looking to acquire, so the challenge for them is getting incoming pieces to ship out. The message from everyone is that getting watches to sell is more difficult than finding people to buy them.